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Looking for personal Loans at Better rates?

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The perfect solution for life's every situation - smaller and faster loans for urgent or planned needs are now a reality through peer-to-peer lending.

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Look no further for creditworthy borrowers. A monthly income awaits you.

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What is Peer-to-Peer Lending?

Peer-to-Peer Lending is about individuals transacting between themselves for small ticket size personal loans, without the need to go through a financial intermediary such as a bank or any other financial institution. It is an exciting new way and a very efficient model that matches people who want to lend with people who want to borrow, giving everyone a better deal.

PeerLend is an online financial marketplace that matches lenders and borrowers in a safe and secure environment. PeerLend ensures better rates and returns through employment of very advanced methods to simplify the process of lending and borrowing for their members.

Borrowers are taken through a detailed onboarding process that involves assessing their credit worthiness, determining a credit score and assisting the lender with making an informed decision on lending to that borrower profile. Lenders go through a simple verification process before they can start lending on the platform. The entire process is online, using technology to lower the cost of credit and pass the savings back to members in the form of lower rates for borrowers and solid returns for lenders.

Why choose Peer-to-Peer Lending?

  • Multi-purpose short term personal loans
  • Low interest rates for borrowers
  • Privacy of borrowers and lenders maintained and fortified
  • Verified and monitored loan procurement process
  • Quick and easy with no elaborate procedures
  • Sensible lending with minimal risk

What does get you?

  • Term loans between Rs.20,000 and Rs.5,00,000
  • Cheaper loans with rates starting at 14%
  • Safe and secured platform to ensure utmost privacy to both lenders and borrowers
  • Entertain only creditworthy borrowers and genuine lenders
  • Loans authenticated, accepted and disbursed within shortest turnaround times
  • Personalized loan monitoring tools through user-friendly apps and dashboards

Better Lending

With P2P lending, lenders are attracted to an alternative to the paltry interest rates provided through a traditional bank or looking for an alternative to the stock market. Current returns average near 10% - 25% return, which is certainly very attractive, especially if it is diversified into large pools of pre-qualified borrowers. Lenders choose only to invest in the borrowers that match their preferences. If you as a lender don't like someone that is consolidating credit card debt, you don't have to lend to them.

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Borrower Perspective

Borrowers have found peer-to-peer lenders more receptive to their needs with quicker funding speed even though they are subject to similar credit checks like banks. For most borrowers, however, the main advantage of P2P loans is that they get lower APR than those available from banks, credit cards and other mainstream lenders. P2P lending gives them the chance to explain why they have bad credit, allowing lenders to see the moral of their story, not just the numbers.                                           

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